Saturday, July 3, 2010

Splice (Vincenzo Natali, 2010)

This might very well be the worst movie I've ever seen. Recent contenders for that title include Death Sentence and Wanted. The difference with these two movies is that though they were really bad, I still had fun watching them. Splice was just plain awful.

I made the error of watching this movie blindly without viewing the trailer or reading any reviews. I was aware that it was b-movie fare, but I enjoyed one of the director's previous films (Cube), and thought he could surprise me again with another solid film. Wrong.

I saw this film during a stop over in NYC. When the film ended and the lights came up, the first credits shown at the end of the film belonged to Telefilm and OMDC. At that moment, in the theatre surrounded by a number of fat, super size popcorn eating Americans, I truly felt ashamed to be Canadian.

If you've spoken to anyone who had a problem with the film, they'll likely point to two very graphic sequences. Though very disturbing, it didn't really bother me because it is a sci-fi horror movie, and awful things happening wouldn't be much of a surprise to me. My problem with this film is that the Natali did a horrible job of making me believe that there was any reason for these scientists to start and continue down the path that lead to these awful things. There seemed to be very little thought put into their decision making.

Immediately after watching the film, I went online to see what people were saying. I was VERY troubled by the lack of bad reviews this was getting. The hosts of /Filmcast (who introduced me to Natali) sung the praises of this film. To be fair, I don't really look for in depth film analysis from these guys, but it was a little odd listening to them point out many of the flaws in the film, but still recommend it to their viewers.

As I get older my taste continues to evolve, and it may be case of me being the grumpy old film snob. It's possible you may enjoy this movie (as a number of people seem to have), but I just thought I would add some differing opinion to the table, and it is of my opinion that this movie is a steaming pile of poo

Watch at your own peril.

Spoilers following the pic.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww isn't it cute?

I bet it would have been good to know that it would grow to seduce, fuck and kill your boyfriend before brutally raping you and leaving you pregnant.

Splice: Trailer

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