Friday, December 30, 2011

The HedRush: Episode #42 - Can't Get Enough

...of that '80s stuff, that is. This episode of The HedRush has been sitting in the vault for a bit, but now it's time for you to enjoy your final taste of the HedRush in 2011 (Don't worry, we'll be back even stronger in 2012).

Here JB d'Mullato and Spider Jerusalem hit you with another dose of all '80s hip-hop. Some of it's known, a whole lot of it is pretty obscure. But it's chock full of break-beats and hard rhymes. Your co-hosts also discuss "rappity rap" and get caught up in killing an actual spider in the control room.

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Tracklisting and previous episodes: The HedRush

Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Year In Review: Freestyle Fellowship

gri-ot [gree-oh]
a member of a hereditary caste among the peoples of western Africa whose function is to keep an oral history of the tribe or village and to entertain with stories, poems, songs, dances, etc.

I have a new found appreciation for Freestyle Fellowship after hearing their 2011 release, The Promise. Spider Jerusalem of The HedRush joins me to discuss the west coast based collective, their roots in the early 90s L.A. hip hop scene, and our thoughts on the new album.

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I may do a couple more of these if I can find willing participants, and not allow myself to be overcome by 'cannolongerbebotheredness.'

Watch this doc: This Is The Life - Ava DuVernay
Buy this album: Freestyle Fellowship - The Promise

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Thoughts of the Thoughtful

Haven't been blogging as much, but I still like to chime in every now and then on various topics discussed on the Internet. 

'The players are not becoming nerds or diving into nerd culture; they're just becoming more fashion conscious.'  
(Re: The Rise of the NBA Nerd)

'Holy shit, that 'kid' is annoying. Got to a point where I started hoping that bad things would happen to him'
(Re: The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi)

'I didn't have a problem with the 'ewwww' aspect of it, but they had beaten us over the head with all the hint dropping, that when they decided to pull back the curtain, my reaction was mostly "yeah...and?" (c) King Geedorah'
(Re: Jimmy Darmody having sex with his mother Gillian on Boardwalk Empire)

'I'm not sure what they're going for here, or how I'm supposed to listen to it.'
(Re: The Roots - Undun)

'Great musically, memorable melody, perfect set up for the following track, got a weed carrier a record deal...classic'
(Re: Top Hip Hop skits as listed by Complex Magazine and Ego Trip, from which Quinton's On The Way was omitted.)

'Yeah, kinda.'
(Re: Sam Cooke's resemblance to Q-Tip)