Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Boondocks: The Fun-Raiser

*With apologies to my UK brethren*

Fuck you.
Fuck the plane you flew in on.
Fuck them shoes.
Fuck those socks with the bell on it.
Fuck yo gay ass Harry Potter accent.
Fuck them cheap ass cigars.
Fuck yo yuck mouth teeth.
Fuck yo hairpiece.
Fuck yo chocolate.
Fuck Guy Richie.
Fuck Prince William.
Fuck the Queen.

This is America. My president is black and my Lambo is blue, nigga.

Now get the fuck up out my hotel room. And if I see you in the street I'm slappin' the shit outta you.

This show has been wildly inconsistent, but when it's on, it's amazing. One of my favorite episodes.

Someone has listed many of the episode's cultural references on wikipedia. Check them out here: link

Kobe Bryant

Been thinking about Kobe Bryant lately.

An epic game 7 is to take place tonight at the Staples Center, and if this situation were setup any of the previous years, I would be rooting for The Celtics to destroy and humiliate Mr. Bryant.

This year I've come in with a different feeling. I haven't become the biggest Kobe fan overnight, but I've come to appreciate his determination to win which is unmatched in the NBA today. Sure there might be some selfishness involved as he looks to strengthen his legacy, but he's a paid athlete who gets paid to win, and very little else seems to matter (as it should be).

This sort of determination seems to be missing in many of today's top NBA talents. Many seem occupied with developing themselves off the court. Playing cities against each other in bidding wars, developing online identities through Twitter, Facebook and personal websites, marrying Kardashians...etc. When their season comes to an end, it just doesn't appear to be a big of a deal as it once was. Living and breathing basketball has become secondary in this age of celebrity.

I won't be cheering for him tonight, but because he cares so much, I can guarantee that I will not cheer against him.

That's a big step for me.

Blogger Templates

Google finally got some templates for Bloggers.

Perfect for a non html knowing brother like myself. I may fuck around with it a bit, so don't be alarmed by any tackiness which you may encounter.'s not like what I have right now is eye candy.


Wow, that track isn't nearly as good as I remember it being. Blasphemy? Perhaps, but his delivery is a little forced and the lyrics are kinda cheese.

R.I.P. Sebastian Horsley

"...I've got to think about my death. Suicides are the aristocrats of death, and of course the dandy probably has to end in ruin."

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Nice Beard.

If you're interested, here's a discussion Bill Simmons had with Brett Morgan about his documentary "June 17, 1994", which looks back at the day O.J. went for a ride in white Bronco.

Commerical Break

Connect Four - 1981

Das EFX - They Want Efx

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roger Dodger (Dylan Kidd, 2002)

Campbell Scott as Roger

Remind you of anyone?

The boys at Filmspotting offered this comparison when discussing the film, but perhaps a better comparison might be a younger Roger Sterling, played by John Slattery on the same show. Both share an insatiable appetite for the ladies, and both a very quick with quips, ofter disregarding the possibility that they may be offending someone.

Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) seeks out his Uncle Roger who he hopes can assist him in losing his virginity. Is Roger the right man for the job? Certainly. A better question might be 'Is Nick the type of person who can follow the advice given to him by Uncle Roger?'

Campbell Scott performs excellently as the film's titular copywriter. I immediately checked his IMDB page upon completion of the film, only to be disappointed in seeing that he hasn't really done a lot mainstream work (Damages being the closest). Dylan Kidd (director) also seems to have kept a low profile after completing work on this title. He followed with 2004's P.S., and worked on a pilot titled Peep Show, which was not picked up.

I hope to see more work from both in the future.

Roger Dodger: Trailer

Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer's Beard

Inspired by:

My Uncle

NBA point guard, Baron Davis

Roy Ayers circa 1976

Basketball Wives

I watched it so you won't have to.

Some thoughts:

I have a better appreciation for the 2004 Vince Carter trade. Eric Williams is now my favorite retired spare part. Dude is hilarious.

I think there's a correlation between Michael Olowokandi's impact on the court and his ability to find fine women. I'm not easily offended, but god damn that woman made my eyes bleed.

Shaunie & Shaq

Shaunie (also an executive producer on the show) is set up as some sort of Corleone godfather type figure. The other girls on the show ride for her harrrrrrrrd. It's a little disturbing. Also, the obvious cue card reading during her interviews...annoying as hell. Her sage like advice is straight from The View, or Oprah.

Superman's baby mamma

My initial reaction to Royce was, "Dwight Howard, wtf?". But then I thought about it a bit, and pictured that goofy ass n...on-championship winning, always on the court smiling, look at my fit body flexing fool, and it made a little more sense to me.

and finally

Matt Barnes, I'm in love with your wife.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Andre 3000 - All Together Now


Sorry Dre, but your southern twang doesn't work with this song.

Paul better.