Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Roger Dodger (Dylan Kidd, 2002)

Campbell Scott as Roger

Remind you of anyone?

The boys at Filmspotting offered this comparison when discussing the film, but perhaps a better comparison might be a younger Roger Sterling, played by John Slattery on the same show. Both share an insatiable appetite for the ladies, and both a very quick with quips, ofter disregarding the possibility that they may be offending someone.

Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) seeks out his Uncle Roger who he hopes can assist him in losing his virginity. Is Roger the right man for the job? Certainly. A better question might be 'Is Nick the type of person who can follow the advice given to him by Uncle Roger?'

Campbell Scott performs excellently as the film's titular copywriter. I immediately checked his IMDB page upon completion of the film, only to be disappointed in seeing that he hasn't really done a lot mainstream work (Damages being the closest). Dylan Kidd (director) also seems to have kept a low profile after completing work on this title. He followed with 2004's P.S., and worked on a pilot titled Peep Show, which was not picked up.

I hope to see more work from both in the future.

Roger Dodger: Trailer


Mr Bozack said...

Only lookalike I can see when I look at that pic is Han Solo...

Couldn't get into Mad Men - it's all about Breaking Bad for me.

Boothe said...


It's more of a personality thing, which I guess is pretty difficult to guage using screenshots.

Funny, you're the second person I've spoken to today who has mentioned not being able to get into Mad Men.

Definitely an acquired taste.

Mr Bozack said...

I liked the bits that I saw of MM, just need to give it a proper look.

You should definitely give Breaking Bad a go - Mexican gangsters with axes, chemistry and Buggin' Out from Do The Right Thing...it's all there.

The "next thing" is supposed to be Rubicon...