Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kobe Bryant

Been thinking about Kobe Bryant lately.

An epic game 7 is to take place tonight at the Staples Center, and if this situation were setup any of the previous years, I would be rooting for The Celtics to destroy and humiliate Mr. Bryant.

This year I've come in with a different feeling. I haven't become the biggest Kobe fan overnight, but I've come to appreciate his determination to win which is unmatched in the NBA today. Sure there might be some selfishness involved as he looks to strengthen his legacy, but he's a paid athlete who gets paid to win, and very little else seems to matter (as it should be).

This sort of determination seems to be missing in many of today's top NBA talents. Many seem occupied with developing themselves off the court. Playing cities against each other in bidding wars, developing online identities through Twitter, Facebook and personal websites, marrying Kardashians...etc. When their season comes to an end, it just doesn't appear to be a big of a deal as it once was. Living and breathing basketball has become secondary in this age of celebrity.

I won't be cheering for him tonight, but because he cares so much, I can guarantee that I will not cheer against him.

That's a big step for me.

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Boothe said...

immediately after the final buzzer went off, i started hating him again.

something about him just bothers me.