Friday, April 27, 2012

FiyaStarter Crew on 'Girls'

Lena Dunham (second right) makin' em mad.

Over the past few weeks, there has been a lot discussion on Lena Dunham's new HBO series, Girls. Most of the discussion has been centered around the politics of the show (race, class, gender), while the artistic merits of the show have mostly been pushed to the side.

In this clip from their April 25th podcast, Basa leads a discussion with TKO and K Badd, on the validity of the feedback coming from parts of the Black community.

I agree with them.

Hear the full episode, here: Link
(or) Subscribe via iTunes: Link

Also, peep my interview with Basa and TKO: Link

Friday, April 20, 2012

Old School Hieroglyphics Pics

"Hiero, it's our time"

If you're on Instagram, follow Hiero producer, Domino. He's an archivist of sorts, and has a great collection of items pre-dating the crew's Jive/Elektra hey day. Some of these pics include my favorite not-your favorite excommunicated member, Snupe.

Pictures are also posted on his Tumblr account, so you can view them there as well.

Casual - This Is How We Rip Shit

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Put This On: Season 2 - Episode 2: Eclecticism

Put This On, a web series about dressing like a grownup, visits New York City, where eclectic style is a way of life.

We go thrifting with Josh and Trav from the blog Street Etiquette. They’re known for their thrift-store eyes and their unique editorials. We drop some shopping and alteration knowledge and have a friendly competition: who can pick up the coolest stuff in three shops and two hours?

Visit Jay Kos, the eclectic boutique that fuses traditional style with a decidedly non-traditional palette. It’s a favorite of modern dandies because of Jay’s bold color sense and wild material choices. Here you can find traditionally-made trousers in green python or a fine Italian sportcoat rendered in a blown-up flannel shirting pattern.

Meet Lewis Lapham, the found of Lapham’s Quarterly and longtime editor of Harper’s Magazine. Lapham discusses why fine clothes suit the humble journalist, and compares a coat and tie to the pair of gold coins Flaubert carried in his pocket - they lend the bearer a sense of weight.

In our How It’s Made segment, we learn what’s inside your jacket. Tailor Leonard Logsdail tears open a few coats to show us their guts and compares the construction of pieces at a variety of price points.

Plus, the return of Rudiments with new host Dave Hill. Dave explains that a coat isn’t finished until it has been altered by a tailor.

This is the second episode in our six-episode second season. In this season, we visit the three greatest men’s style cities in the world, as chosen by our readers - New York, Milan and London.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Social Media: Don't Be Mad

Instagram for Android was released early this week, with reports of over 1 million downloads in the first 24 hours of its release. A cause for celebration for its developer and users, right? Not exactly.

I've noticed quite a few iOS users grumble at the loss of the app's platform exclusivity. There's a lot of my favorite band bitterness going around right now, and I think it's a little unnecessary. iOS users need to remember that Instagram was not only created as a tool to have fun with photos, but also to share these photos. You have over a million new users to share photos with, some of which might be your friends.

A similar thing happened recently with the growing popularity of Pinterest (now the 3rd most visited social media site on the net). I had a friend get mad because people were jumping on the bandwagon. Again, it seems (at least to me) that this site might be more beneficial if you're able to find more people with similar interests. It shouldn't matter when they've discovered or have found use for it.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that social media was created to be just that -- social.

If you want to follow my Nashville filtered and framed photos, you can add me by searching my full name (one word). I would also recommend De La Soul's Instagram account. They continuously post a lot of great old school knick knacks.

I'm also on Pinterest, where I'm compiling a list of movies I'd like to one day build a library with. If you're looking for birthday or Christmas shopping ideas (for me), you might want to check it out. I also use it to keep track of clothing items I may want to purchase in the future. Same username as mentioned above.

Finally, I'm on Draw Something (same username), if you want to illustrate-off with me. I should warn you though, I use an iPod, and have the skills of a 3 year old, and I can't do much better than this:

Let's be social.

Add me!

The Beach Boys - Busy Doin' Nothin'

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde - The Singles Collection Music Box


Spider Jerusalem and I will be doing a podcast to commemorate the 20th anniversary of The Pharcyde's debut album. Check this space on November 24th.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thoughts of the Thoughtful - 04/01/12

My contributions to various internet discussions over the past week: 

I mean, he's not wack or anything, just terribly...uninteresting.

(Re: Phesto Dee - solo artist)

Stat >> Melo

He's not even the most stylish on his team!

(Re: Carmelo Anthony - Stylecaster's 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers)

"Who cares?"

He's a hard working husband and father, who doesn't get enough recognition for his contributions.

I don't blame him for having an attitude about it.

(Re: Pete Campbell hate on Mad Men)

His loss allowed him to come back and beast on heavyweights like Austin, Rami, and errr...Kenley.

(Re: Mondo winning Project Runway: All Stars)

Do we not want MCs to be more dynamic?

I do.

(Re: Prince Po not getting attention because he wasn't flamboyant.)

"And they call us savages"

What would I do with the scene? That'll probably take more thinking on my part than I'm willing (or able) to contribute at the moment. I'll say this though, I might have responded better to the messaging without the Scooby Doo-isms of the Y and R dudes being caught red handed, and the drum roll ready delivery of the woman's line.

(Re: Mad Men 0501 opening scene)