Sunday, April 1, 2012

Thoughts of the Thoughtful - 04/01/12

My contributions to various internet discussions over the past week: 

I mean, he's not wack or anything, just terribly...uninteresting.

(Re: Phesto Dee - solo artist)

Stat >> Melo

He's not even the most stylish on his team!

(Re: Carmelo Anthony - Stylecaster's 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers)

"Who cares?"

He's a hard working husband and father, who doesn't get enough recognition for his contributions.

I don't blame him for having an attitude about it.

(Re: Pete Campbell hate on Mad Men)

His loss allowed him to come back and beast on heavyweights like Austin, Rami, and errr...Kenley.

(Re: Mondo winning Project Runway: All Stars)

Do we not want MCs to be more dynamic?

I do.

(Re: Prince Po not getting attention because he wasn't flamboyant.)

"And they call us savages"

What would I do with the scene? That'll probably take more thinking on my part than I'm willing (or able) to contribute at the moment. I'll say this though, I might have responded better to the messaging without the Scooby Doo-isms of the Y and R dudes being caught red handed, and the drum roll ready delivery of the woman's line.

(Re: Mad Men 0501 opening scene)


fish said...

agreed on pete campbell. how many german au pair's is he gonna have to rape before he gets the respect he deserves?

Boothe said...

No need to go that far.

Not when he can two finger coerce...err...negotiate like Don, right?

Or perhaps drunkenly bronco buck her around the office.

These men do horrible things. Even the ones that we love to cheer for.