Friday, April 6, 2012

Social Media: Don't Be Mad

Instagram for Android was released early this week, with reports of over 1 million downloads in the first 24 hours of its release. A cause for celebration for its developer and users, right? Not exactly.

I've noticed quite a few iOS users grumble at the loss of the app's platform exclusivity. There's a lot of my favorite band bitterness going around right now, and I think it's a little unnecessary. iOS users need to remember that Instagram was not only created as a tool to have fun with photos, but also to share these photos. You have over a million new users to share photos with, some of which might be your friends.

A similar thing happened recently with the growing popularity of Pinterest (now the 3rd most visited social media site on the net). I had a friend get mad because people were jumping on the bandwagon. Again, it seems (at least to me) that this site might be more beneficial if you're able to find more people with similar interests. It shouldn't matter when they've discovered or have found use for it.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that social media was created to be just that -- social.

If you want to follow my Nashville filtered and framed photos, you can add me by searching my full name (one word). I would also recommend De La Soul's Instagram account. They continuously post a lot of great old school knick knacks.

I'm also on Pinterest, where I'm compiling a list of movies I'd like to one day build a library with. If you're looking for birthday or Christmas shopping ideas (for me), you might want to check it out. I also use it to keep track of clothing items I may want to purchase in the future. Same username as mentioned above.

Finally, I'm on Draw Something (same username), if you want to illustrate-off with me. I should warn you though, I use an iPod, and have the skills of a 3 year old, and I can't do much better than this:

Let's be social.

Add me!

The Beach Boys - Busy Doin' Nothin'


Mr Bozack said...

just hit you upon draw suhtin', i'm golden nutsack...draw, punk!

Boothe said...

*reaches for pistol*

Next time I'm in a job interview, and they ask me about communication skills, I'm gonna tell them how dope I am at Draw Something.

Skilllls (R.I.P Guru)