Thursday, October 30, 2008


Some are calling him the new Jose. OK, I lied, only one person called him that. I have a friend who's very excited about Roko, which seems consistent with Toronto's love affair with the "little/new guy with heart"

He didn't look too bad.

As long as he's not fouling 3 point shooters, I'm cool with him.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Man Crush

"The male heterosexual crush. The straight guy who loves women, dates women, lays with women, but is capable of displaying platonic affection for another straight male."

GQ editors Jason Gay, Adam Rapoport, Raha Naddaf and Greg Veis, discuss the man crush phenomenon, while opening up about some of their crushes.

A number of my man crushes have been fictional. I also realized that they are great communicators, quite skilled with the English language.

Alan Shore (played by James Spader) has been my biggest man crush. He's lost quite a bit of his mean streak, but still displays intelligence, wit, humor, loyalty and most importantly, lechery, like no other on TV character.

Other crushes (past and present) include Barack Obama, Frank Pembleton (Homicide: Life on the streets) and Balthier from Final Fantasy XII (yes, a video game character).

GQ Radio

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Gaming site recently ran an article where writer Scott Sharkey listed some of his favorite nonsexualized, female video game characters. I thought it was a good topic to discuss, as I've also had conversation with my cousin about the lack of fleshed out female characters who display...well...a little less flesh.

A list of these "characters with character" can be found here

While browsing the same site this morning, I came across this video. Bayonetta is the new IP being developed by Hideki Kamiya, creator of the Devil May Cry series.

Yes, Sarah Palin is the latest slutty video game heroine.

*edit* If the video is not working, you can watch it here

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wendell Pierce and Andre Royo Interview

"If you're on Law and Order, you're gonna be found guilty, if you're on NYPD Blue, you're gonna confess"

Jesse Thorn from The Sound of Young America, speaks with the actors about The Wire, and their roles in the show.

The Sound of Young America

Questlove: Hollywood Stories

Easily one of the most entertaining message boards posts I've ever read.

Board members are asked to name a celebrity, and Questlove then tells a story involving himself and the celebrity.

One of my favorites involves Bjork and Questlove's former bandmate Malik B.

"she broke my heart in 94. i was her biggest fan and flipped out when i met her.

meanwhile malik roll up and she starts gushing over him and all he says is....

(days later looking for her number)

'damn i lost that oriental bitches number'"

More stories can be found here: Okayplayer

note: It's a large thread so be patient as it loads. Questlove's username is "15", in case you're having trouble navigating the thread.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mega Man 9

This game is archaic in every sense. Graphics, controls, music, and the ability the frustrate the hell out of me.

Seriously, this game has me yelling loudly, and I've had many thoughts of throwing my controller into the television set (i need a new one anyway).

This game is HARD.

And I love it.

Heartsick Tour

"You can either go crazy and kill someone, or learn to play an instrument"

Author Chelsea Cain takes viewers on a tour of Portland, Oregon, with stops at the locations that played a prominent role in her novel, Heartsick, which debuted at number 8 on the New York Times bestsellers list.