Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Favorite Survivor?

The girls aren't looking too cute this season, so I'm gonna go ahead and select Ken "The Gamer" Hoang as my contestant to root for.

OCCUPATION: Pro video gamer
HOMETOWN: Westminster, CA
KEN SAYS: ''Gaming will help me because I do well under pressure. I always come through. I rarely choke. I'm the underdog, I think all the fans will root for me to win. I would root for myself if I was watching TV.''
JEFF PROBST SAYS: ''Ken the gamer is one of my favorite people who has been on the show in a long time. He is convinced his gaming expertise is absolutely in line with what it takes to win, that he knows this game backward and forward simply because he's a gamer. But Ken is a true nerd. I think when the show began he weighed less than [China's] Courtney did.''

Meet the cast here or here

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Fighter Pilot, A First Officer, And A Pop Star

Or: My First Soap Opera

Though I was exposed to a lot of The Young and the Restless as a child, the citizens of Genoa had nothing on the good people of Macross City. Robotech: The Macross Saga (a localization of The Super Dimension Fortress Macross) arrived in North America in 1985. . I recall my brothers and cousins ignoring this show (they still do), due to its mature subject matter and slow pace. In particular, I remember their disgust when watching the kissing scene. I was probably a bit shocked myself, but the show had already hooked me. There was no way gross kissing would stop me from tuning in every week. I loved every bit of this show. Well...almost every bit.

I'm about to start another Robotech Macross marathon, because I haven't watched the series in years, but to this day I am still bothered by the way the love triangle was resolved. The Reader's Digest version of the story goes like this.

  • Rick meets Minmei (I'm using the Japanese spelling because it looks cooler).
  • Rick saves Minmei's life, then falls in love with her.
  • Minmei begins working for her family's restaurant, becoming too busy for Rick.
  • Rick joins the "army" as suggested by Minmei.
  • Minmei enters (and wins) a beauty pageant, which naturally leads to a career as a pop star and a movie star (imagine that).
  • Minmei has even less time for Rick.
  • Rick sad :-(
  • Tension starts to develop between Rick and "sour puss" first officer Lisa Hayes (booo).
  • Rick and Lisa are captured by the enemy, and are forced to kiss (to save their lives of course).
  • Rick and Lisa begin to develop feelings for each other.
  • Rick is in love with two women.

Finally episode 35 comes around. Minmei is tired of the responsibilities of being a star and ends up at Rick's doorstep. They spend Christmas Eve together and the episode ends with them sharing a kiss. Finally! The moment I had waited for since episode one. At 9 years old, this thing called love finally made sense to me. If you're just patient, the girl who you love, who you're supposed to be with will eventually come around (on Christmas Eve). Everything was right in the world. Or so I thought.

Rick was called back to war and despite Minmei's pleas, he could not turn his back on his duty (or some crap like that). He also comes to the conclusion that he should be with Lisa (boo). Having the military thing in common apparently makes them better suited for each other. Minmei soon concedes. My heart breaks.

Why would Rick Hunter choose the older, sour puss, military woman, over the cute, pop star celebrity?

From that moment on, love would never make sense to me.

Friday, August 22, 2008

American Apparel

My end of week routine includes picking up a copy of Now Magazine, and immediately flipping to the back cover. This week was no different, except for this...

A tasteful American Apparel ad?

It just didn't seem right to me, so upon arriving at work, I spent a few minutes on their site.

The universe makes sense again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mirror's Edge - Gameplay Video

Run, jump, climb, swing, tumble, balance, button punch, wall flip, stomp fools...

Have Faith

Got Art?


The Lab Sessions 4.0
“Deconstructing Hip”

Labspace Studio invites cultural producers, critics, academics, artists and collectives to present their work(s) as part of the fourth installment of The Lab Sessions, a series of themed multi-media, interactive art parties produced by Labspace Studio.

“Deconstructing Hip” is a sociological investigation and cultural excavation, a romp into the lineage of hip culture from Ginsberg to Williamsburg, scene to mainstream, hepcats to hipsters. The show will examine the barrage of trends and icons that have shaped, shifted and defined hip as we know it.

What We’re Looking For
Work that addresses, analyzes, deconstructs or reconstructs the hipster phenomenon throughout the past and into the present.

-Painting, Collage, Photography, Drawing
-Video, New Media-Writing, Spoken Word, Text
-Music, Sound
-Advertising/Commercial Media

Please submit work or project proposals via email, with a brief description of your proposed piece(s) as well as supporting/portfolio material of the described work or other work recently completed in a similar medium.

Submissions can be sent to

The deadline for submissions is September 19, 2008.

Artists are required to financially support their projects. Labspace Studio will facilitate required technologies and assist in the installation process to the best of our ability. **Keep in mind that The Lab Sessions is a party environment! Artwork may need to be tailored to suit the atmosphere.

The Lab Sessions 4.0 will be held on October 25th at Labspace Studio in Toronto's east end.

For more information, please contact Labspace Studio at:
Labspace Studio
2A Pape Ave
Toronto, ON, M4M 2V6

Super Stardust HD Rankings

Current Rank: 7301
Score: 74,026,185

I met my goal in less than a week.

I bet there's so much more I can do, if I put my mind to it.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Deus Ex Machina: The Wearable Motorcycle

It's not exactly a Mospeada/Cyclone, but it looks fun.

I wonder how comfortable it is?


Future Reading

I had so much fun reading History of My Life, I will soon take on another extended reading project. Not quite as many pages as Casanova's memoirs, but probably enough to keep me reading for at least a month.

"Greed, gold-digging and deception sit at the heart of "Vanity Fair." It's no joke that it's subtitled "a novel without a hero" -- William Makepeace Thackeray mercilessly skewered the pretentions and flaws of the upper class all throughout it. The result is a gloriously witty social satire."

Now that's my kind of story.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The One With The Prom Video

Some of the best situation comedy you'll ever see on television. They did so many things right during the last 6 minutes of this episode. (1:18 - 7:11)

- Making the girls a little less pretty (fat suits, and fake noses)
- Chandler's greatest zing
- The pan and zoom in to Ross aka Mr. Kotter
- Ross trying to be cool around Rachel ("Just gonna hang on my music")
- Axel F
- Roy getting pissed at Chip
- The heartbroken look on Ross' face
- The Happy Ending (a long time coming)
- Phoebe (she's so damn cute)

Super Pii Pii Brothers


"According to the Japanese text on the box "Super Pii Pii Brothers promotes good bathroom skills and allows women to experience for the first time the pleasure of urinating while standing." What we say is that virtual peeing is damn fun!"

Monday, August 18, 2008

Toronto's Best Dressed

Toronto Life's September issue is currently on the stands, and within its pages you will find a list of the best dressed residents of Toronto (according to Leah Rumack). Natalie Lecomte (she cute, yo), Tanya Kim (eheh), the Jacob Brothers , and Kenneth Montague were among those chosen for their gift of garb.

I've decided that one day, I will chosen as one of the best dressed in Toronto. "Smitch" was included in the list and for the most part, he's only wearing suits (nice ones I should add). I look good in a suit, so I don't see why I can't appear in the pages of Toronto Life.

A man should have goals, yes?


Super Stardust HD Rankings

I'm currently ranked 15,149 in the world, with a high score of 41,524,050.

I will not rest until I'm in the top 10,000.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Not Sexy

I'm definitely not a fan of Gladiator Sandals. I can't look at them without having the theme to The Mighty Hercules play in my head.

Theme songs and footwear are a bad combination.

Winter can not come soon enough.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Blame Sarah (An Introduction)

She tells me that I'm too much into my head. That I need to share more of myself and thoughts.

"What's the point of speaking unless you can improve on silence?" - Sebastian Horsley (more on him later)

The thing is, I hate talking about myself. I've had to live with myself for almost 33 years, and the subject of me gets boring quick. My thoughts? Well, if you've had a chance to talk to me in person, and I happen to join in the conversation, you'll know that I'm either completely off topic, too much on topic, quick to change the subject, slow to drop a subject (if it makes me laugh), very honest when asked about others, completely silent when asked about myself, often logical, but also illogical (when it suits my purpose)...wait, I'm talking about myself. I guess I should also add that I'm condtradictory.

Still want to read this blog? To be honest, it's not going to be much different than my style of posting on Facebook; quick and to the point (often without one). Most posts will be about my interests, but I will do my best to add some musings every now and then.

Welcome to All Things All Things.

I apologize in advance.