Thursday, August 21, 2008

Got Art?


The Lab Sessions 4.0
“Deconstructing Hip”

Labspace Studio invites cultural producers, critics, academics, artists and collectives to present their work(s) as part of the fourth installment of The Lab Sessions, a series of themed multi-media, interactive art parties produced by Labspace Studio.

“Deconstructing Hip” is a sociological investigation and cultural excavation, a romp into the lineage of hip culture from Ginsberg to Williamsburg, scene to mainstream, hepcats to hipsters. The show will examine the barrage of trends and icons that have shaped, shifted and defined hip as we know it.

What We’re Looking For
Work that addresses, analyzes, deconstructs or reconstructs the hipster phenomenon throughout the past and into the present.

-Painting, Collage, Photography, Drawing
-Video, New Media-Writing, Spoken Word, Text
-Music, Sound
-Advertising/Commercial Media

Please submit work or project proposals via email, with a brief description of your proposed piece(s) as well as supporting/portfolio material of the described work or other work recently completed in a similar medium.

Submissions can be sent to

The deadline for submissions is September 19, 2008.

Artists are required to financially support their projects. Labspace Studio will facilitate required technologies and assist in the installation process to the best of our ability. **Keep in mind that The Lab Sessions is a party environment! Artwork may need to be tailored to suit the atmosphere.

The Lab Sessions 4.0 will be held on October 25th at Labspace Studio in Toronto's east end.

For more information, please contact Labspace Studio at:
Labspace Studio
2A Pape Ave
Toronto, ON, M4M 2V6


µ said...


Speaking of hipster art, Nuit Blanche Oct 4?

Boothe said...

Oh, you know I'm gonna be there.


Nuit Blanche is a definite yes as well.