Thursday, December 23, 2010

24/7 Penguins Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic

A great series currently being aired by HBO.

If you're at all interested in hockey (the culture, more than actual game), this is a good look into the on and off ice look at the players, coaches and executives involved in the game.

HBO lucked out by capturing two of the best players in the world and their teams which are heading in opposite directions. The series concludes with the two teams facing each other in an outdoor game on New Year's Day.

The entire first episode is available on YouTube, with subsequent episodes available through the usual channels.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thursday, December 16, 2010

In The Bedroom (Todd Field, 2001)

"I couldn't wait"

And I'm glad for it. There's something about William Mopather that annoys me. I hate his face, and he looks extra douchey here with his moustache and blond hair. His last name also bothers me too.

A lot of good words and accolades for this film. Didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but there are some good performances (Tom Wilkinson and Sissy Spacek), and Marisa Tomei is always fun to look at. Todd Field also does a good job directing. The scenes with Wilkinson and Mopather in particular were tense.

In The Bedroom: Trailer

Monday, December 13, 2010

The Black List (2010)

Today, Franklin Leonard released his annual list of the top screenplays not yet produced or released in theatres.

The media will always focus on the screenplays receiving the most votes, but I always have fun focusing on bottom of the list. Here you'll find some WTF? titles that you might not feel comfortable giving a number 1 vote, but will include on your ballot because you think they are crazy to catch on with the -- let's say, general movie viewing audience.

Here are some of the titles that stood out to me:

POINT A by Chris Rubeo

"An unconventional romantic comedy between a thirty year old magazine writer and the subject of his newest piece, a witty, wise beyond her years teenage video blogger"


"Two friends angry at Jane Austen for creating unrealistic romantic expectations among women today get sent back in time to the nineteenth century. They only way for them to return home is for one of them to get Jane Austen to fall in love and sleep with him"

HOVERCAR 3D by Blaise Hemingway

"Set in the future, an ex-con street racer has to transport a whistleblower across country in a high speed hovercar with an army of authorities trying to stop them"

(someone call Jason Statham's agent!)

And finally, those hoping for the zombie thing to go away (namely, myself) will be disappointed to learn that scripts involving them are still be circulated around Hollywood.

ZOMBIE BABY by Andy Jones

"After the zombie apocalypse, a young couple unsure about whether to start a family has the decision made for them when they take in an orphaned zombie baby they don't have the heart to kill."

BOY SCOUTS VS. ZOMBIES by Carrie Evans & Emi Mochisuki

"A troop of Boy Scouts on their weekend camping trip must protect an island town from a zombie outbreak and save the local girl scout troup."

KITCHEN SINK by Oren Uziel

"A human teenager, a vampire and a zombie must save their town from an alien invasion."


The Black List: Link

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fu-Schnickins - Check It Out

Haven't heard this song in a long time. It just came up during an itunes shuffle, and there were a few things that bothered me about it. Boredom has led me to sharing some of my issues with this track.

This track is a perfect example of when bringing your boys to the studio goes bad. I really don't want to count, but there's about 3 or 4 "Mcs" on this track who sound the same. Who are these people?

I think they also could have done a better job choosing the order in which the Mcs appear. Having Moc early in the track is probably the best. I would move him to the 2nd or 3rd spot, because the first verse is usually a memorable one and, well...I think most of us would rather forget Moc Fu.

Poc Fu never bothered me, so I'm fine with where he's placed on this track (after the first refrain). Not a lyrical giant, but he's got a decent voice.

Dres sounds so out of place on this track. Not his best work, but he still outclasses everyone here. Not sure why they buried him in the middle of this track. He really should have had the final verse, which is usually reserved for the home run verse.

Chip Fu bats cleanup here. He does his thing stylistically I suppose, but usually you want the final verse to be memorable -- filled with one liners you'll be repeating for months or years. You're not going to get it here because you can barely understand a word he's saying.

And...uhm...that's all I got.


Sock Game

Though it provided the impetus for this particular post, I thought The Godfather homage was a bit too on nose. Overall, the season finale was solid and did a good job of setting things up storylines for the coming season.

Terence Winter and crew created a very fascinating world, and the plot and characters kept me engaged during the entire season. I know a few people who jumped ship and commented that the show moved too slow. I think this may be due to their expectations being a bit off. You see some of the creative talent involved (Scorsese, Winter, Buscemi, "Omar"), and some of the characters involved in the story (Capone, Luciano, Lansky); people automatically assume it's going to be war all the time. The main character is a politician, so of course there's gonna be fair amount of behind the scenes politics, plotting and scheming during the episodes. Patience is often required and then rewarded with great payoffs for those who stick it out.

A good start for the show. Looking forward to more stories from Atlantic City.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Glenn O'Brien - How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman

"I don’t mind, since everyone will think I’m going someplace more fabulous later." - Glenn O'Brien on overdressing

Former television show host; screenwriter (need to find a copy of this film); magazine editor, and my favorite GQ Magazine contributor; Glenn O'Brien's style guide will be in stores next spring.

I'm sure not everyone likes being told what style is, but he does give useful tips, and his writing contains enough humor to balance what some might see as snobbery.

A definite first day purchase.

How To Be a Man: A Guide To Style and Behavior For The Modern Gentleman: Link