Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sock Game

Though it provided the impetus for this particular post, I thought The Godfather homage was a bit too on nose. Overall, the season finale was solid and did a good job of setting things up storylines for the coming season.

Terence Winter and crew created a very fascinating world, and the plot and characters kept me engaged during the entire season. I know a few people who jumped ship and commented that the show moved too slow. I think this may be due to their expectations being a bit off. You see some of the creative talent involved (Scorsese, Winter, Buscemi, "Omar"), and some of the characters involved in the story (Capone, Luciano, Lansky); people automatically assume it's going to be war all the time. The main character is a politician, so of course there's gonna be fair amount of behind the scenes politics, plotting and scheming during the episodes. Patience is often required and then rewarded with great payoffs for those who stick it out.

A good start for the show. Looking forward to more stories from Atlantic City.

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