Sunday, July 18, 2010

Team Cera vs Team Eisenberg

It's a silly argument, but humor me.

If you were to put money on one of these actors who often play "nervous male youth", who you rollin' wit?

Michael Cera

Roles include:

Arrested Development - George Michael Bluth
Superbad - Evan
Juno - Paulie Bleeker
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist - Nick
Year One - Oh
Youth in Revolt - Nick Twisp and Francois Dillinger

coming soon.

Jesse Eisenberg

Roles include:

Roger Dodger - Nick
The Village - Jamison
The Squid and the Whale - Walt Berkman
Adventureland - James Brennan
Zombieland - Columbus

coming soon

I'm rolling with Eisenberg.


MF said...

Only familiar with Eisenberg from Zombieland, so Cera wins this one for me on the strength of Arrested Development and Youth In Revolt.

Marta said...

aren't they the same person. [burn!]

ps: saw the trailer for THE SOCIAL NETWORK [!!! lols !!!] before inception ... and i thought it was supposed to be a happy-go-lucky kind of flick? bah.

all of this said - i want to see both movies.

Boothe said...

Michael Cera does happy-go-lucky.

Jesse Eisenberg does the real to reel.


Marta said...

my previous comment was unclear - we actually saw BOTH the Pilgrim -AND- Network trailers before Inception. COINCIDENCE?! I THINK *NOT*! :P

Francesco said...

Cera was spectacular in Youth-In-Revolt, but Eisenberg in The Squid and the Whale was way beyond anything Cera has done so far...

But if you're talking success, or fame, or big money...then I'd bet on Cera.

Boothe said...

I enjoyed Cera's performances in Superbad and Juno, and though I was (very) late to the party, I thought he was solid in Arrested Development.

Something happened though when Nick and Nora came around. Watching the trailer, it didn't as if it would be very different from any of his other performances, but at that moment I just decided that I had had enough. I never want to see another movie with this guy again.

Though people seem to like Youth In Revolt, the idea of having Cera play against type just seems really obvious and lame in a "King Kong aint got shit on me" way.

Eisenberg in my opinion has better chops. I predict he'll soon lose the title of pretender.

j. said...

Stop fighting it.