Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Why does every conversation about this dude have to mention Third Rock from the Sun?

Damn, I just fell into my own trap.

I get the feeling that all of the hype he's been receiving lately has more to do with the fact that he graduated from that silly comedy to credible movies, and less about his actual acting chops. It's similiar to all of the "Bob Saget is really funny" talk of years past, when people first discovered that he actually curses (!).

A random reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes whose review is somehow quoted on the Inception wikipedia page raves about Gordon-Levitt's Oscar deserving performance, and how he stole the spotlight from other big name actors. What? Really? Did we watch the same movie? I mean he did participate in a thrilling action sequence where he somehow managed to beat up an armed guard, and I have to admit that his little kissy thing with Juno was pretty cute, but this does not make a great performance.

Not trying to hate on dude, as I haven't seen any of his work outside of Inception and 500 Days of Summer (which I HATED). I just get a little annoyed with people who tend to get all crazy with Christopher Nolan and anything related to his projects. Let's slow down all the "next Heath Ledger" talk until he stops doing shit like this, m'k? Thanks!

Dude does knows how to wear suits though, and that counts for a lot around here...


Inception is a good movie.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should see some of his other work before deciding he's worthy of your scorn. Brick, the Lookout, Mysterious Skin and Stop Loss are also incredible performances. And while you hated 500 Days, it did get an 80-something at Rottentomatoes and received several Golden Globe nominations. Including one for him for Best Actor. So there were at least a few people that thought it was pretty good. And as for you thinking that Christopher Nolan isn't worthy of a ton of praise. That's just laughable. But maybe you're just a flamer with your own blog. If so, you got me.

Boothe said...

Appreciate the reply, Anonymous reader.

My comments were more about the hype of Gordon-Levitt and less about his actual performance. As mentioned, I've only seen him in Inception and 500 Days of Summer, and I thought he was solid though not spectacular.

A Rotten Tomatoes score of 80 something will do as much to change my mind about that movie (500 days), as this blog will have you believing that Gordon-Levitt is nothing more than an overhyped Heath Ledger sort of look a like. I will however, watch some of the movies you've listed above. Maybe I am missing something.

I do enjoy Christopher Nolan's work, and he certainly knows how to make entertaining and somewhat thought provoking films. What I have an issue with is his fans, or the portion of his fans who believe that his work is beyond criticism. You question something, and the best you can hope for is a reaction of absolute disbelieve. Either that or be called insane, lame, or a flamer.

MF said...

You know, it's highly possible that the anon is JGL himself given that he's a self-confessed 'net addict who I imagine probably has a Google alert on his own name.

I think Nolan is pretty overrated other than The Prestige and The Dark Night, myself, and while Inception was enjoyable it was also kinda soulless, featured a cast of dull characters I didn't care about and the ending was completely predictable.

As Booth said, some excellent suits, though.

I used to like Third Rock From The Sun.

Boothe said...

Yeah, other than Tom Hardy who provided a little bit of cheap laughs with his cheekiness, all the characters did was spew exposition.

"this does that, and this will happen if you don't do this and that..."

I think The Dark Knight is the most overrated of his films. Great performance by Heath, but I had some serious problems with that movie.

Francesco said...

please do watch more of JGL's films, though. some great ones! he is kinda awesome in them. 500 days shouldn't even count. i think he just wanted lots of money, so he made that and didnt have his heart in it. same with inception, well maybe not as much as 500 days. but anyway, what was i saying? yeah. watch mysterious skin and brick. i'm now off to watch 'the lookout' - thanks anonymous poster, you were at least helpful in one way.

Boothe said...

Brick it is.

Mr Bozack said...

Haha @ the rotten tomatoes comment. Probably the sort of retard who thinks the Oscars go to the best films.

RE Nolan - Memento's pretty good.

Marta said...

quit hatin'. JGL is boss!