Sunday, July 18, 2010


Haven't pulled this card in a while.

Courtesy of The Sartorialist

A sample of comments from followers of the blog:

"Looks elegant and very comfy."

"It's sophisticated fashion with a rural charm! Loose trousers and tighter fitting top portrays a wise and intelligent persona, - great stuff!"

"how effortlessly chic..."

"These are certainly the most elegant baggy jeans I've ever seen."

"This is denim served up with nothing but class. I love it! I wouldn't of though they were denim unless pointed out to me."

"What a flawless ensemble: harem-like, baggy trousers--which are so unexpected on a man--balanced with a streamlined jacket and shirt and topped off with a gorgeously tied colorful neck scarf. Bravo!"

I bet if these fine citizens were to appear on the blog, everyone would want them thrown in jail.

I see through you, followers of The Sartorialist.

I see your 'cism!

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MF said...

The return!

Drop-crotch pants are huge with generic white ppl, certain 'hood kids and fashionistas in the UK at the moment. The crazy thing is that a lot of the people who are wearing them are sagging so their crotches are literally 4 inches from the ground.