Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cube (Vincenzo Natali, 1997)

"You don't want the boot" - Quentin

Just finished watching this film, after having it recommended by David Chen of The /Filmcast

This film - which has apparently reached cult status - is a great little psychological thriller. The premise is quite simple. Stick a bunch of rats in a cage, and watch their attempts at escape, while they try not to kill each other (unsuccessfully of course).

The rooms in the cube offer a variety of ways to kill its inhabitants, so torture porn fans of a film like Saw may enjoy this. There's also a mathematical element to the film that you may enjoy, if it doesn't go over your head, which I have no shame in admitting happened to me.

Also, the film is Canadian, and we rule, so check it out.

Cube: Trailer

A plot element is given away in the trailer. It's something that you'll probably figure out anyway by watching, but if you want to stay spoiler free, you may want to avoid the trailer.

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MF said...

Great flick.

There was/is a tv game show on UK tv loosely based on it, which is really terrible.