Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Wonder Years

ugh...I can't believe they didn't end up together

Is it weird that even in my advanced age, I still have a crush on Winnie Cooper? I'm probably just projecting many of my Jr./High School memories into Kevin Arnold as I re-watch these episodes.

High School in particular was very awkward. Watching all of my friends become cool, ladies men (teenage fathers), jocks (failed athletes), bullies (murderers)...etc. I was never one to try to fit in, and even if I wanted to, none of those cliques appealed to me. Well, the ladies men crew did, but I was painfully shy and insecure then, so it probably wouldn't have worked out. Those were definitely strange times for this peace loving, hip hop junkie.

No regrets on my part though. Towards the end I found a couple of kindred spirits, made inroads with the nerd/arts crowd, and made my mum proud by graduating high school, which apparently was a big deal.

I would have to do it all over again in College.


MF said...

You're dead inside if you didn't tear up at the episode where Kevin's dog ran away.

Winnie was hot (and still is judging by those FHM pix from a few years back), but the hottest tail in The Wonder Years was always his hippy sister Karen and Juliette Lewis when she played Wayne's sassy girlfriend Delores.

Boothe said...

Ha...gotta keep an eye out for Juliette Lewis.

So far I've seen Zack Morris, and John Corbett (Sex and the City, United States of Tara).

Not looking forward to the later episodes when Kevin and Paul grow old(er) and ugly.

AdGirl said...

Isn't the nerd/arts crowd the one that turned out to be cool in the end anyway?