Monday, January 25, 2010

Hedo Haters, Fall The Eff Back

I get the feeling that there are a lot of Raptors fans who would have been perfectly happy with Hedo missing his game winning free throws yesterday. Would have given them more reason to boo, bitch and complain, which they seem to be enjoying lately.

I acknowledge that his play has been below average, and during the last few weeks you could say his performance has been downright poor. He's just not making his shots. I'm not expecting him to match the 18 points he averaged during his playoff run last year (not on this team), but if he can score anywhere between 13-15 points, I'll be happy. His points are down, but he's still making plays.

The Raptors are having a good run right now, so let's try to keep the vibes positive. The timing of the pizza commercial is Shakespeare level tragic, and there's the issue of his large contract, but it's still relatively early. Let's give Turk a chance to work through his problems.

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YO! said...

I agree his performance may never equal his best times with the Magic, but he's bound to play better for sure.

And why they picked the guy with complete anti-charisma to be in the pizza pizza commercial remains a mystery to me.