Monday, April 13, 2009


I had a crazy dream last night involving Vampires.

I think it's a result of me being in a bookstore on the weekend, and scoffing at the fact that they had a Vampire section (populated by Tweens).

So I'm partnered with Laurence Fishburne, and we're sent to question this lady, as part of some ongoing investigation.

After a few questions, the lady gets aggravated, and starts acting very weird. She starts moving all...herky jerky (think Sadako Yamamura in Ringu). Larry motions for me to leave the room, which I'm more than happy to do. He has this "Morpheus is about to whoop ass" look on his face, so I know he'll be alright, but just in case, I pull out my firearm, and shoot the woman twice in her face. She smiles, which scares the shit out of me, and I proceed to -not so slowly- leave the premises.

At this point the house is shaking. When I get outside, I can see them going at it, Matrix styles (yes I can see through walls). A crowd has gathered around the house, and I attempt (with little success) to clear the area. Suddenly, a very large explosion happens. After the dust settles, I can see that the house has been decimated. A lot of people are injured and panicking, so I lead them away from the house.

Emergency Services is now on the scene, and they begin to help the injured. I return to the scene of the commotion, and I see two ladies on the ground crying; one of them holding Laurence's decapitated head. The Vampire is nowhere to be found.

As I wander down the streets, still confused about the events, I notice a strange, darkly clad man looking at me. He tells me that I should probably get myself checked, smiles, and then crosses the street.

*ominous music*

I let you down, partner.

La Vampire - Michael Andrews

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Martorialist said...

Joel Schumacher should've made a Lost Boys sequel with a gang of Black vampires replacing the hair-metal dudes and Larry as the head vampire.

His character could've been like a vampire extension of his Jim Jump character in King Of New York.

God, that would've been an amazing flick.