Thursday, April 16, 2009


Felicia, don't worry about not being invited to the Seventeen Magazine photo shoot. I'm sure you would have looked great, but you'll  get Teyona back when you win the competition.

"Fo, I don't choose you" - Teyona

I love the red hat.

Celia lucked out, by having you model for her

Feedback for this weeks Portfolio shot 

"I love the variety you're giving me in the face" - Jay
"This is a great picture, and I do love her body" - Ms. J. 
"Tension in your face without you trying to look tense, and that's hard to do" - Tyra
"You're long; your limbs look all works together and it makes a great photo" - Nigel
"She has beautiful lucious lips. I think she looks gorgeous in this picture" - Mike Ruiz

Survived the cuts, so we'll be back next week...from Brazil.

She's dope.

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Marta said...

her hairstyle at panel was FIYAH. imma try and rock something similar.