Sunday, April 26, 2009

Old School Video: Steady Mobbin' - Ice Cube

"There goes the neighborhood"


Martorialist said...

Gotta love how the west coast used to record proper clean versions instead of having beeps or scratches over the curses like they'd do on the east (i think it was really Biggie/Bad Boy who were the first NY rappers who'd record clean versions).

I think Motherfucker became motherbrother on every single song.

Boothe said...

What do you prefer?

Beeps or re-recordings?

I think I prefer the bleeps (Pronto and Protect Ya Neck being my favorites), but it probably wouldn't have worked as well with a lot of the West Coast tracks.

Boothe said...

Man, this version sure makes me miss the word "bitch". Just doesn't sound right without it.

Martorialist said...

Beeps 4 life.

Some of the clean versions of these joints were totally butchered. This clean version of Steady Mobbin' is a perfect example : so many bizarre lyric changes and 'Cube sounds bored delivery wise whereas he sounds amped on the original.

Eazy's verse on the clean version of Bone's Foe Tha Luv Of $$$ is another perfect example. His opening lines (aka the best part of the whole song) just ruined.

It sucks 'cause i'm dj-ing some shindig in a few weeks and i really wanna play shit like New Jack Hustler, Real N**gaz, Steady Mobbin', Let Me Ride, G'z And Hustlaz etc but i'm not allowed to play tracks with excessive cursing and i can't bring myself to play the anaemic clean versions as you just can't get into 'em the same, can you?

Boothe said...

The only possible bright spot is that your crowd might be too busy getting drunk and dancing to pay much attention to the lyrics.