Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Caught With A Classic

Another day of unemployment leads to an afternoon excursion to the public library. I am to return books that are overdue, and pickup a book I had reserved earlier.

As I drop off my books, a lady at the counter catches my attention. A little heavy in the buttocks; a little weary from child bearing, but still attractive enough to bring out the inner wolf. She's involved in some colorless conversation with an employee at the library. Something about some books she ordered not being available. I pay her no mind and tread to the reserved books section.

I pick up my new book and head to the check out section. All the workers are busy doing what seems to be everything but helping those ready to leave the place. During this brief delay, the aforementioned lovely approaches.

With ocular precision, I guide her to check out counter. I smile, I salute. She smiles, she's cute.

She has a selection of movies. I inquire about the titles. I don't recognize them, but I feign interest. She looks at my book, smiles, looks again, judgment is now painted on her face.

"Peter Pan?"

Yes, Peter Pan.

Employee arrives, my book is checked out, I leave without looking back.

End Game.


During the month of April, The Toronto Public Library celebrates books and culture with a showcase of events, performances and discussions throughout the city. More information can be found on their website.

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