Thursday, April 30, 2009


All good things must...

Very tragic week. At this stage of the competition, you can't afford to have really bad days. Unfortunately for Fo, she had a day from hell.

Fo's day of go-sees. Yup, it was that bad.

Cris Barros says
"I like her ethnic look, and her face is strong"
"She should be taller"

Adriana Degreas says
"She's not quite high(tall enough) for the beachwear line"

Oskar Metsahvat says
"She much more for commercial than high fashion"

Clo Orozco says
"Very commercial. I prefer in photos. She's not very tall"

Fashionably late is a bad thing in this challenge.

Left behind

Time for her portfolio shot. I considered not posting this picture; it was that bad.


"I found it difficult to shoot you" - Nigel
"This is the worst shot of you yet" - Paulina
"You have to work on your angles. What we're looking for is proportions" - Tyra
"You look mushed" - Ms. J
"In this picture you look unnatural" - Cris Barros
"You have to make people not look at the one thing that they would focus on (height)" - Tyra
"This picture is such a disaster" - Paulina

Fo receives the bad news

Words of encouragement from Tyra

"You are so special"
"This was so hard for the judges today"
"Such a beautiful girl"
"Such a lovely spirit"
"Can you promise me one thing? Do not grow your hair out...this is stunning on you"

Take note Natalie. This is how you bow out gracefully

Still Dope - DOOM(featuring Empress Sharhh)

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