Thursday, April 23, 2009


Felicia, you have some serious work to do in the coming weeks. Especially since you've made an enemy out of Teyona, who's really stepped her game up the last few episodes, and is now looking like a front runner.



Ayo, eff dem hatin ass hoes


On her appearance before the judges

"...if you had on a skirt it could have been wilder" - Ms. J (Dude is feeling Fo!)
"Personally I think you look the best I've ever seen you" - Nigel
"Even when you look busted, when you're happy and's ok" - Tyra

On her portfolio picture

"A little more model, and you would have had a great shot" -Tyra
"You haven't made (the shot) your own" - Nigel
"The fashion is missing a little bit" - Fernanda Motta

Won both challenges this week, but the judges weren't blown away by the portfolio shot. Survived the cut, so hopefully you'll have a better showing next week.

She's dope.

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