Saturday, April 4, 2009

Great songs from forgotten rap albums (cont'd)

Yogi, Chad, and Ha weren't the greatest mc's, and the album might have a number of filler tracks, but CRU's Da Dirty 30 was an ambitious debut, and remains a favorite in my collection.

CRU - That Shit

CRU - Loungin Wit' My Cru

Saafir brought his crew Hobo Junction into the limelight, but to this day I believe (and I'm probably alone on this) that the best album released from the crew came from his younger brother King Saan, and cousin Mr. Taylor. Whoridin' remains a slept on West Coast gem.

The Whoridas - Taxin

The Whoridas - Till The Wheels Fall Off

Many fans mistook the group's simplified delivery for "trying to be hard", and dismissed this album entirely. It didn't come close to following the success of their debut, but it was still a very solid album.

Souls of Mischief - Freshdopedope

Souls of Mischief - Yeah It Was You (Featuring Pep Love)

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Martorialist said...

Excellent call on the CRU album and the tunes you picked. I'm a Nuthin' But guy myself.

That Whoridas album is one i've never heard which i've been meaning to check out ever since i heard Taxin' on DJ Eleven's Best Of The Bay mix.

How you gettin' on with The Shield?

Boothe said...

I'm now on Season 4 of The Shield. 3 more episodes to go, which I should finish tonight.

I thought season 3 suffered a bit, with the Shane and Mara bullshit, but they've really brought it this season.

Glen Close has been great, though I'm predicting a Bunny Colvin type fall from glory. Anthony Anderson has been great too. It was fun waiting for him to show his true colors. Post rape victim Acevada has been interesting as well. Dude needs to get it together.

Great show.

Martorialist said...

Acevada should have been thankful the hick didn't buttfuck him too.

When i heard Glen Close was joining the show i thought it was the beginning of the end but she was really good. Forrest Whitaker's character was the star of that season for me, though. Dude was a maniac.

Mara, it has to be said, is the definition of a cunt.