Sunday, October 2, 2011


Community, Comedy, Commentary on Canadian Cinema: A Twitter Conversation with Done.

Rosa Parks

Done: yeh so communitys full-on shite now, so is always sunny, curb your enthusiasms worse and louies finished til next year. what now?

Boothe: From what I've heard of Community, it just seems a little too eye winky, self aware, meta for me.

Like, I don't want to sit around trying to guess what film genre or whatever they're paying homage, or commenting on.

gimme some laughs, please. And characters I care about. Thanks. Parks and Recreation, better. Yup.

I should probably note, that I've only seen about 3 episodes of Community.

pretty much. they use that shit instead of actual jokes half the time. plus double dipped sugar coated morals instead of...

...any actual heart. eh, it didnt have far to fall imo.

oh yeh, parks & rec >>>>>> best american sitcom (bar maybe louie) going atm. 30 rock fell the fuck off too imo. it was always patchy to me anyways


you ever watch any english comedy shows?

Enjoyed Spaced, and currently catching up on Peep Show. What's the general feeling about these shows? UK internets shitted on me for enjoying Downton Abbey. *grin*

ha dozens of jane austen adaptations starring colin firth will do that. peep shows gotten a good reception but i havent seen enough

ha and spaced is cool if i remember right but i thought you werent feeling the meta parody shit?

then again, they have actual jokes

Other than the Star Wars commentary, I never felt I was being hit over the head, and it seemed to better serve the story.

Whereas I always felt that Community was building the "*fill in the blank*... episode"

Probably the best episode of Spaced
yeh with something like spaced, the parodys logical but with community its like theme night

you watched any of the older ones like porridge? sitcom set in a prison, ive been revisiting it lately

Haven't seen any of the older shows. Will make a note of that one.

actually, whats the reaction on trailer park boys over there? never hear it mentioned much

Gets homer love in Canada, and from what I've heard from American friends, they like it. Haven't peeped it myself.

ah you need to check it out. dunno if proper absurd is your thing but its amazing for at least half its run imo

rly great characters, even the villians are sympathetic. mane not tryna make assumptions but thats like me sleeping on father ted

made me want to visit canada. 4serious

We've always had this thing about our creative industry, especially our film and television. A lot of us view it as below standard.

and errr...when we put out selections like this... kinda perpetuates the feeling.

I kid you not. THIS movie opened the Toronto International Film Festival in 2010

jesus. least ye make use of actual candian culture, we cant even muster up 1 alcoholic fight flick. we also have self-hatred down.

Including the Russell Peters Indian's on Ice flick, there were THREE hockey movies at TIFF this year. #overkill

i notice your not mentioning the 3rd hockey flick that will change everything i ever taught about hockey flicks

We do have a lot of people doing great things in Hollywood, and French Canada will release acclaimed movies now and then, but

the general feeling around Canadian productions is "ehhhh". That's probably what has kept me away from TPBs, though it may be good

this is our 2nd most successful show

 then theres father ted, i suppose fair city can be good for lulz. Teds great but thats it.

Season 16? That's insane. Girl in black can get it.... 

shes a rarity on that show. thats an old clip, its well in its 20s by now. it survives solely off good will of patriot seniors


Done's green text courtesy of laziness and stereotypes. 

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done said...

I am humbled, cheers breh.

I should've mentioned Fair City gets student love too, least round my way. Dom had some spot on things to say about Porridge the other day, which is what had me watching again.

You picked the right shade of green & all!

done said...

Oh and jswc I never liked Community all that much and JB Smoov is that dude.

Mr Bozack said...

ha oh dont mention downton abbey again homes...

spaced is class..other brit comedies worth checking that you may or may not know:

fawlty towers
only fools and horses
alan partridge, the day today (and anything with chris morris involved)
nathan barley
black books
league of gentlemen

god, there's loads when i think about it.

surely the only cultural contribution canada has made is kenny v spenny?

Boothe said...

I also find Ken Jeong to be REALLY annoying.

Bozack, what are your thoughts on Peep Show?

I couldn't get down with Kenny and Spenny either.

Boothe said...

Our Downton Abbey love is fueling your industry|News|LatestNews&utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Mr Bozack said...

Ha oh dear Strictly Come Dancing as well...what next - Deal Or No Deal?

Yeh mate, loved Peep Show - the 3rd/4th/5th series are up there with any comedy for me.

Ha i actually didn't mind Kenny v Spenny... the land of the moose produced Dream Warriors at least, so not all bad...

Boothe said...

Ha...Deal or No Deal was blowing up for a second over here.

Series 4 of Peep Show has been hilarious. The engagement angle has been gold. It's actually making me feel sorry for Mark (haven't since series 1), and making me HATE Sophie.

Mr Bozack said...

You know Mitchell and Webb from Peep Show have done a sketches show as well (That Mitchell and Webb Look)? Not so good.