Monday, October 31, 2011

Gravediggaz - The House That Hatred Built

Today I had a conversation with Done about the Wu-Tang Clan and their minor league affiliates. Even though they weren't conceived as a Wu side project, the Gravediggaz were brought up. We both agreed that the first album was enjoyable, largely a result of being guided by the capable hands of Prince Paul.

Funny though, when he decided(?) to lessen his involvement in the project, the group transformed into this...

Not at all wack, but you could throw this on a Sunz of Man album and it wouldn't miss a beat. What happened to levity of the debut album? The RZA's influence for better or worse, is all over this song (and probably the album, which I'll admit to not peeping). Unfortunately for them, it was released on the wrong side of Wu Tang Clan's apex, so it kinda got lost in the shuffle with the likes of Immobilarity, and Inspectah Deck's solo release (what was that called again?).

In the spirit of October 31st, Prince Paul released this demo from their early recording sessions. Even on non-single type tracks, Paul had a knack for making his productions interesting. The MCs also sound like they're having fun with it.

Gravediggaz - The House That Hatred Built

This is the First song we recorded as the Gravediggaz in 92". It was the intro to our demo and it was actually recorded the day I introduced these guys to each other at my house . This track never made the album but it was one of my favorite productions. This was the track that started it all .. RIP Poetic. Enjoy

Prince Paul > RZA4thDicipleTruMaster


done said...

That demo joints cool alright.

"Prince Paul > RZA4thDicipleTruMaster" - I agree with this pretty much but Paul never made anything touching Glaciers Of Ice.

Boothe said...

I should clarify.

I meant Prince Paul > Those guys, when it comes to producing the Gravediggaz.

That said, I still like him better. *grin*

done said...

4th Disciple and Tru Master produced on the 2nd one? ha I might actually check it out based off that.

Frukwan is that dude:

even while losing to a girl.

Boothe said...

I can't believe I've never heard this before. Loved the countdown aspect of it.

I imagine it would have been easy to cheer for Shante because...well...she's a girl, but straight up, she served him. Frukwan falling back on the dick sucking thing, didn't help his cause either.

I thought Poetic was really dope on the debut album. Many of us came to the show to see RZA, but we all left really impressed by the Scarecrow (Nowhere To Run video) with the crazy flow.

"Beeeware, four figures appear through the fog..."