Friday, September 30, 2011

Boardwalk Empire

Mean muggin' is played. 

Not so new opinion I recently shared on a popular message board.

Some of you have already noted this, but MKW was horrible in the scene where Chalky was visited by Nucky and Eli. Some of the worst overacting I can remember on this particular show.

To be honest, I've always felt that Chalky was one of the weakest elements to this show. Perhaps not necessarily the fault of the actor, because they really didn't have much for the character to do in season one. I'm worried though that this season they're just setting him up to play prohibition era Omar; taking on the Klan all by himself, so that everyone can comment on how 'bad ass' (ugh...) he is.

There were moments I liked this episode, in particular when he had a barrel of a gun in his face, and a small part of his rant to Nucky, when he spoke of 'his people' in Atlantic City.

I'm hoping when all is said and done, there will be more to the character then what leads me to believe he was just put on this show for fan service.


done said...

Fuck Community anyways but he was on the most recent episode doing the same gruff shtick - his character had even been to prison. Can't tell if its just typecasting or hes a one-trick pony though.

Despite regularly addressing race in a reasonably smart way, its kinda racist too - the only two black characters are the stoopidest ones, Ken Jeong is in it and this:

done said...

The posters way mentaller than that Vince Vaughn couples rom-com thing cos even Alison Brie is absent and I'm pretty sure only her character is jewish.