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Ryan Gosling's henley game is mad tight, yo. (Pun?)

Costume designer Erin Benach on this particular shirt: (via: GQ UK)

"The henley is quite an interesting piece. It was an awesome challenge. We probably tried on every henley that has ever been made by anybody anywhere, from Japan to Europe to the Americas. I seriously think we had 300! We liked elements of each one but we didn't like the label on the collar or, the collar was too thin... In the end we wound up finding some deadstock Thirties army/navy henleys. My assistant found the first one, and the person we got them from said, 'Oh yeah, I have 15 of them.' I said, 'What? You have 15 deadstock Thirties white henleys?' [laughs] Interestingly, the T-shirt originated from soldiers wanting to wear a layer underneath their wool, just to take off their fighting jackets, their combat jackets, and then still have something on."

Later it was revealed that this particular henley was purchased at Mister Freedom, in Los Angeles, California. The store's founder, Christophe Loiron, had this to say: (via: The Undershirt Guy)

"Indeed had a long chat with Ryan at the store when he was working on his wardrobe (he’s one of the few who actually works close with his stylist to get clothes that work for his characters). We discussed ideas for a jacket that he wanted to be as iconic as De Niro M-65 in Taxi driver etc…

The henleys came after.

We always have a large selection of vintage henleys, from new-old-stock military issue to 1940′s vintage pieces, mostly 3/4 sleeves but s/s as well.

We also have our original Mister Freedom production (made from vintage cotton jersey knit), our “gym henleys”

Jordan and John will answer any Qs you might have.

Thanks again for the kind support."

Good movie.

I'm gonna go do some push ups now.

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