Thursday, April 15, 2010

Toronto Raptors: Did This Season Really Happen?

Seems like it was a fucked up dream.

Did we really beat Cleveland on opening night? Bargnani making LeBron look silly with a couple of post moves.

Remember the early season struggles, culminating with a 146-115 loss to Atlanta? Chris Bosh had a 2 point night that game. Antoine Wright called out coach Jay Triano for not being tough enough with struggling players.

Remember the 22-10 mid season run that followed? Chris Bosh was putting up great numbers, and MVP chants were soon heard while he shot free throws. We beat strong teams such as the Lakers, the Spurs, and the Suns.

Remember being in 5th place? Watching the standings, thinking that we could possibly overtake an old and struggling Boston Celtics team?

Remember Hedo Turkoglu's 27 point game against the Knicks? "Ball" was heard around the world, and we all thought this was the moment Hedo would turn his disastrous season around.

Remember Demar DeRozan's solid if unspectacular showing at the slam dunk contest.

Remember the confidence amongst fans that Chris Bosh would indeed return to the Raptors after the season ended, signing a long term contract and committing to bringing a championship Toronto.

Did all of this really happen? In this same season which concluded last night with Raptors 9th place in the Eastern Conference, out of the playoffs?

Toronto played valiantly in their final game of the season. This effort was needed against the Golden State Warriors, and -their most important game of the year- against the Chicago Bulls. Now the team is out of the playoffs, about to (possibly) lose their best player to free agency, stuck with coach who is unable to inspire his players, and a number of big contracts to players who have shown little heart all season.

How does Bryan Colangelo win back our confidence after this disastrous season?

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