Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Sartorialist: Vintage Photo Contest

During the month March, Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) opened a contest to his blog readers. The requirements were simple: send in a vintage photo (no later than the 80s)that you feel conveys an inspirational sense of style. It could be a family photograph, or perhaps something found at a flea market, garage sale or swap meet.

I decided to answer the call, and spent an evening going through some old family photos. There were several family photos of ladies and gents dressed to the nines, but in the end I decided to submit something a little more casual; a "couples" photo of my auntie and her pretty boy partner.

Scott received over 2200 submissions during the last few days of March. You can check them out here The photo I submitted wasn't posted on his blog, so I thought I would post it here for kicks. I don't think my family reads this blog, so I should be able to avoid a scolding.

I found this while going through my mother's very large collection of family photos. In this photograph is the youngest of the nine Williams siblings, my aunt Althea. Alongside her, her beau Aubrey. According to my mother this photo was taken in the late 70s, while Aubrey was courting my aunt. A young couple in love.

I love the simple outfit and accessories my aunt is wearing, and that Aubrey's attire is a little more casual. Despite this he still looks very cool and owns the track jacket he's wearing (love the exposed chest).

Aubrey and Althea would soon marry and start a family.

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