Monday, April 5, 2010

The Facebook


Sometimes I catch myself going through this cycle for about 5 minutes. Probably not the best way to spend the evening, or any part of day for that. Twice within the last seven days I've found myself in conversation with friends who also feel that they're also wasting precious moments and energy on The Facebook. I think it's time I take a break.

Perhaps you're here wondering why activity has been slowing down on my page. It's been that way for a while, and will probably continue as such for the time being. I'll still keep my profile up, occasionally posting pictures, checking out events, participating in discussions with some of the groups I've joined. Other than that, I think I'm out.

Don't cry for me. If you really want to converse with me, or share something more than a poke or a silly impersonal comment on my wall, there are plenty of ways to get in contact with me.

email me: firstinitiallastname at gmail
gchat: see above
skype: firstname.lastname

hell, we can even do it old school and talk on the phone (222-2222).

If you're at all interested in my thoughts and views on "things", I think I'll be posting here more often, so check back every now and then.

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