Sunday, April 25, 2010

A (Very) Brief Conversation: Casual

Casual and Snupe: The Pimp Hieroglyphics

@Smashrockwell speaking of extra prolific, does a song titled "menace to society" (w/ Snupe) ring a bell? Saw the title in the BMI database

@wboothe you work for BMI? Was there an audio file? Thats was a song we recorded for the Movie Menace 2 Society.. Bellrung.

@Smashrockwell nope, just being a diehard hiero fan doing research. no audio file on the site. dont suppose you have a copy, do you?

@wboothe Domino does i'm sure.

@Smashrockwell you know that's some holy grail shit right there? hope it surfaces some day.

From a historical standpoint, this is a pretty significant track. The proposed title track to one of the seminal Hood Films of the 90s, I'm really surprised Jive didn't include this track when the album was released. Casual and Snupe - both perhaps a little more "G" than their peers - were signed to Jive and inclusion on this soundtrack may have increased their exposure, possibly growing their audience beyond those in New York and LA who have a high appreciation of freestyles, complex flows and lyrical stylings.

Cash Money (featuring Casual) - Extra Prolific

"even if our demo tapes add to the myth of Hiero's gifts..." - Del

The conversation brought me back to a time before swapping MP3's was the norm. When I first started finding music on the internet (97ish), we used to trade cassette tapes through the mail. Most of this was done on the Hoopla - the official message board of Hieroglyphics. All of these unreleased gems were gold to me. I tried sharing them with friends, but they couldn't get past the really shitty sound quality. Never bothered by these hiss filled recordings, I was instead highly appreciative of the fact that I had music that no one outside of the artist and their crew was supposed to hear. The demo experience has always been a mind blowing one for me.

As you can see, I didn't directly ask Cas to put the track out there, but if you have no compunction in doing so, add him to your twitter and ask him to do so on some "hey, i saw your tweet mentioning the menace to society track. could you please...".

Hieroglyphics - Bubble Up

Extra Prolific - Jheri Curl

Casual - Oakland Survival


Mr Bozack said...

Quality. Love to hear that tune.

MF said...

Me too.

I don't do Twitter so you should ask him to give up the goods on my behalf.

Surge_Cess said...

I'm trying to d/l all the songs, but every link leads to "Oakland Survival", can you please fix it? Thanks in advance, great article!

Boothe said...

Thanks for reading. Appreciate the nice feedback. There's a part two on my investigation of the Menace II Society track, so check that out too.

Links have been fixed. Thanks for the heads up on that.