Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This Week In Hip Hop Reunions

Easier said than done, Mr. Titus. Just check out the video below. Anyway, I'd be satisfied if you were able to (once again) reunite with your DJ. Just make sure he's not taking up too much mic time.


MF said...

That Ace video is great.

It's not suprising that Ace is the only Juice Crew member that's had any success and made good music this decade, as he's the one who seems organised and driven.

It's also not suprising that Nas eventually backtracked. Guy is the flakiest dude in rap.

Boothe said...

I'd like to hear the story on G. Rap.

I keep hearing stories that dude is in witness protection, or in hiding from certain individuals.

This story kinda adds credibility to those rumors.