Saturday, October 31, 2009

Oz: Season 3

"You can't shit a shitter"

THIS is the O'Reily I love. Glad that he's back to old tricks. Things have been going a bit too easy for him. It's actually starting to worry me.

Observations (2 more episodes to watch)

Warden Glen, what is up with the Dark n' Lovely activator?

Another wackass cameo by a rapper. This time by Treach.

What's up with McManus and his bottom feeding? Dude messes around with the worst chicks.

The degenerate in me is hoping that Keller gets to pound Sister Pete.

Why is everyone hating on Said, and his case of Jungle Fever? Let the man be.

Bitch ass Carver.


MF said...

"Don't matter if they black or they white, they all pink up inside" - Devin The Dude.

Pussy is pussy.

Season 3 was where McManus started fuckin' around with the wildebeest that was Howell, isn't it? That's the one instance where pussy really isn't pussy.

Boothe said...

Yeah, that bitch Howell is disgusting.

There was a lot of build up in the final episodes. I was expecting a full blown race war. Maybe they'll pick it up in season 4.