Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oz: Season 2

When I saw dude's name in the credits, I was hoping that he would be playing himself, perhaps doing a performance for the inmates. Nope...just another bad character. He's this seasons Rick Fox.

Other Observations (still have to watch 2 more episodes)

"Everywhere" Luis Guzman - Not surprised he turned up here.

O'Reilly - Don't like his arc this season.

Detective Stabler - Stop seducing Beecher, m'k? thanks.

Adebisi vs. Schibetta - hahahahahaha.

Female inmate - There's something sexy about her, in spite of her annoying down south accident, and the fact that she's a child killer.

Carmela Soprano - I hate her in this show. She's so blah. I keep hoping the truth comes out regarding the incident during the riot.

Defense Attorney Said - He did well with Poet, but he should probably stick to organizing riots.


MF said...

LL as Jiggy Walker = not quite a rapper tv cameo of the MC Shan on Fresh Prince calibre.

Shirley Bellinger the female inmate was one creepy ass bitch. The Adebisi scene is classic, though. I loved Adebesi's penchant for ending scenes deliriously repeating a phrase over and over (also see : the "TITS..TITS..GIMME SOME TITS!" from the season 1 finale.

Boothe said...

"O'Reilly...if she sucks my cock...I'll suck yours" - Adebisi

Ayo, Adebisi used to annoy the fuck out of me, but now he's a favorite. Dude is so unpredictable. You never know where he's coming from. He's fascinating to watch.

Boothe said...

"but you're a nigger" - Shirley