Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old School Video: Doin Our Own Dang - The Jungle Brothers

I'm in the minority here, but I have always preferred this track over Buddy.

I miss House flavored Hip Hop Music.


MF said...

I like some house (mainly old Chicago and UK stuff) but i despise the unholy union that is hip house. I can't tell you how many UK pressings of '87 - '91 rap 12"s had appalling hip house remixes by C.J Mackintosh on them and the token hip house joints on Flavor Unit albums were always terrible.

This was dope, though. Easily the best house flavoured rap song. Possibly because it took the best elements of house (euphoric female vocals, uplifting synths) and left the worst elements (cheesy pianos, 4 to the 4 drums) on the shelf.

Boothe said...

ha...perhaps there was a bit too much romanticizing on my part.

you've probably heard a lot more UK mixes (good and bad) than I have.

MF said...

You'll probably hate this, but this is a good example of modern house flavoured rap, i reckon :

Mickey Factz - Automatic


MF said...

Also, i'd be pretty pissed off if i'd actually paid the 60 bucks or whatever ridiculous price they charged for that Brand Nu' EP for it to arrive and not even feature the full version of How I'm Livin'.