Tuesday, September 15, 2009

M.O.P. Jackin' For Beats? (Updated)

Kil (pictured above) provided this update on the alleged M.O.P. beat jacking situation.

Just got off the phone with Fame and everything’s good. We spoke for about 10 minutes (real cool dude) about how the credits got messed up and how he would NEVER steal another nigga’s beat and how they’re gonna do what they gotta do to make things right so @ the end of the day, everything is everything. I’m gonna be properly credited and Lil Fame’s name is cleared as far as beat jacking goes. Looking back @ the situation, I could have handled it better and tried to get @ those dudes first and not go the internet route but truth be told, anybody out there who’s ever been robbed, or feel they’ve been wronged will know…you may not be thinking in the right frame of mind when things go down. Fame, even said he would’ve pissed and probably did the same thing if he thought someone robbed him for one of his beats.

At the end of the day, I gotta give MOP props because I’ve heard stories of cats getting jacked for YEARS and you never hear anything from the alleged beat jacker, no matter how much bad press they receive but this time MOP stepped up to the plate, admitted the mistake with the credits and like I said both parties win. So I gotta salute those dudes and tell everyone to go out and support that Foundation album and keep supporting MOP….from the conversations I’ve had with their camp they’re some real dudes. I wanna thank EVERYBODY for the support, the emails, the in boxes, the texts, the phone calls, etc. because I had NO idea that when I sent my email out to these blogs and websites that the response would be like this! I also wanna thank those blogs, websites, forums, chat rooms, etc. (especially Kevinnottingham.com who was VERY instrumental in helping both parties sit down to work out the confusion) for running with my story…The best part about this is I’ve got placement on one of my favorite group’s album…CRAZY! Also, I’ve come out the stone age and got a myspace, twitter and facebook account so if cats want to get @ me and check out some more of my music you can hit me @ Kil889@hotmail.com, www. myspace.com/kil889 (uploaded some of my tracks on myspace), Facebook www.profile.to/kil889/ and the Twitter account is www.twitter.com/Kil889...so get @ me so we can make some music! Good looking again…

Everybody loves a happy ending.

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MF said...

Ironic that this has done for Kil's career than if he'd sold them the beat in the first place.

Fame does have beats tho. Loved these 2 joints he did for AZ back in '06 :

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