Monday, September 21, 2009

Late Pass: Oz

My new favorite thing. It feels like a High School reunion for all of my favorite actors from various dramas. Seems like everyone did some time in Oz, including:

Carmela Soprano
Mr. Eko
Michael "mah booooy" Dawson
Juno's dad
Nikki Cottero
Dr. George Huang
"Reporter" Evan Wright
Avon Barksdale
Ervin Burrell
Girlie from New York Undercover
Hot girl from Electric Company (who's still hot in her advanced years)
Alby Grant
Winston from Ghostbusters!

And that's only from watching the first 8 episodes. Another aspect of the show that I really enjoy is the revolving door cast. People come and go quite frequently. Makes for great tension, wondering if your favorite character is going to get shanked, burnt, shitted on (literally) or beaten to death.

Very entertaining television.

"ADEBISIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" - Eamon Walker as Kareem Said (Outstanding Performance)


Francesco said...

downloading now!

MF said...

Hah @ "mah booooy".

As a longtime OZ fan, it's always great whenever an OZ character turns up in Sopranos, The Wire, Lost, Law And Order,the Superman movies etc.

Seriously one of my favorite shows ever. So much mayhem, some of the illest characters ever and Augustus's monologues are so well written.

O'Reilly was THE man in that first season. The guy was ruthless.

A few rappers made cameos throughout the 6 seasons, but watch out for Lord Jamar as Supreme Allah.

Boothe (All Things) said...

O'Reilly is definitely my favorite character. Looking at him, there's nothing at all threatening, but he's been running around Oz, getting away with all types of shit.

I'm doubtful, but I hope he makes it out ok.

MF said...

O'Reilly is proof that real bad boys really do move in silence.

You're a Lost fan then, eh? Jacob's beach convo with nameless guy in black (the smoke monster?) was my fav' tv moment of '09.

Boothe (All Things) said...

Didn't make it that far. I think the last episode I saw is when Miles found out that dude was with father.

At that point I called it a day. The show's quality has suffered the last few seasons, but the whole time travel angle completely turned me off.

I may do a little recap once the new season get closer.