Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Favorite Rappers: Fashion

"Every line I connect, my literature's perfect"

Wasn't a fan of The Beatnuts when I first heard them in 1993. Reign of the Tec was getting steady rotation on the airwaves, but at the time, I thought the track was a little too hardcore for my Daisy Age sensibilities. My opinion on the group changed when I first viewed the video for No Equal (also the first time I heard the track). This was something I could get down with. Dope baseline, xylophone, Rakim sample; all put together for a nice vibe to cool out too. But who's this brother rhyming at the end of the track?

The 'nuts were always a bunch of villainous mcs, and while Fashion wasn't exactly a saint, I always preferred the smoothness of his delivery. He was just cool. Don't believe me? Listen to verses from this era, and he'll tell you himself. Seems like the word cool found its way into all of his verses.

I went back and got myself a copy Intoxicated Demons. Fash, only appeared on one other track: his solo effort Third of the Trio, a track built around some lyrics he dropped on Chi-Ali's Let The Horn Blows. I would have to wait for The Beatnuts to return with their first full length effort to hear more from Fashion.

The wait was worth it, as he did not disappoint.

"Hey, you ain't really you, and you ain't really down..."

Classic line on a classic track from the summer of 94. One of the best produced albums of its era "Street Level" featured many solid verses from Cool Ass Fash. I often heard the criticism "he raps about bitches too much", but I'll call you a liar if you told me you didn't enjoy the line "I'm standing in the same damn spot I fucked Shannon in", or Hip Hop's favorite ode to Cunnilingus.

Unfortunately, this album would be Fashion's last appearance as a member of the group. He departed the group to focus on a solo career, changing his moniker to Al' Tariq. I never gave the CD a chance back then, fearing his dedication to religion
would effect the coolness that I had admired.

I think I'll find that album, and give it a spin.

1:08 - 2:05 = dopeness


MF said...

I don't know why this post only appeared as an update on my blogroll today when it says you posted it 5 days ago.

Kool Fash gets love over here. You know the unreleased 'Nuts track 40 Oz? Same sample as Steve Biko which they intended to be a single but they shelved due to Tribe freakin' the sample first. That was the cause between the slight static between the two groups which led to Fash sending a few subliminals at ATCQ on Street Level :

40 Oz


God Connections is okay but he dropped a 12" in 2000 and the b side Black Nssty Motherfucker is his best solo track, i reckon.

The Missin' Linx stuff he did with Problemz and Black Attack like MIA, Can't Be Stop etc was great too, as was the first Black Attack track the 3 of them did together :

Verbal Attack


Boothe (All Things) said...

I think it's because I started writing it a few days ago, and finally posted it today.

Didn't know there was slight tension due to that sample. I gotta listen to the lyrics again and see if I can pick up the jabs they took at ATCQ.

Thanks for dropping those other tracks, and for the Flash shit.

Boothe (All Things) said...

I'd also like to add that I'm in love with Fluid.

How this track never got a major release is beyond me.

The definition of niceness.

MF said...

I dunno if you fuck with vinyl, but the ep with Fluid, 40 Oz and Sandwiches Part 2 is essential and can be picked up for under 10 bucks.