Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wu-Tang Clan - Gravel Pit

This came up on the shuffle today. The song itself, while far from their best, isn't that bad. It's got a good rhythm; and Meth and em do the thing over the track. The video though...it's just bad.

  • The corny elevator scene and dialogue.
  • The idea of Wu-Tang time traveling to -- of all places -- some sort of Jurassic Era.
  • Dinosaurs!?
  • The re-worked nicknames (Bobby Boulders, Lex Rockhead)
  • Rappers walking around with Bam Bam clubs.

The swordplay at the end was fun, but who ok'd this?

Has a highly respected group ever dropped a video as corny as this before? I may have to table this at the T.R.O.Y. forum.

"back back, forth forth..."


done said...

I'm probably throwing myself under the bus here but whatever, I'm a big The W fan and I've never really understood the hatred for it outside of overemotional wu-stans whinging over all the outside influence.

Its patchy and theres way too much Masta Killa but Careful (Click, Click) (which has a great video imo), I Cant Go To Sleep and Hollow Bones are as good as anything off of Ghostface's post-Supreme Clientele albums (except for maybe Biscuits, The Forest and The Sun) and Chamber Music, Clap, Let My N***as Live, Jah World and even Gravel Pit are pretty great too. I like a few songs off Iron Flag too but I'm not even gonna try and argue that one.

done said...


Richard Tre Mane said...

Battle : the dinosaur in this vs. the dinosaurs in The Tree Of Life?

Boothe said...

Yeah, The W is a solid album. A lot of good tracks on there. (which you've already listed)

I never made it to Iron Flag though. I may give it a listen at some point, to satisfy some curiosity.

@ Mane

The Tree of Life is one of the first things that came to mind while watching this video.