Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2011 Year In Film

Looks like I've exhausted my list of friends.

Thanks again to Matt, Marko, and K. Sung for taking the time to share their thoughts.

I thought there were a number of good films in 2011, but I don't believe any one particular title stood above the others, making it difficult for me to select one title as a favorite. That being the case, I do want to bring attention to the three films I responded most favorably to.

Midnight In Paris - By far the most fun experience I had at the cinema this year. This film is so much more than what is teased in the trailer. I'm thankful I went in blindly. Its beauty pushes further than its location, and manages to push romance further than Boy and Girl falling in love.

Take Shelter - The shelter is a device. This is a really great look at faith, family, love, communication; and how it holds up against something potentially disastrous as mental health.

The Tree of Life - Say all you want about pretension, but I left the theatre feeling challenged after seeing this. Filmmaking is still considered art, right? Well I appreciated Malick's willingness to push limits, and experiment(?) with storytelling (technical and on page). The age of Twitter Ha Ha, makes it a lot easier to focus on something like Dinosaurs, and dismiss the film, but there's a great coming of age story here, and great performances -- maybe my favorite from Brad Pitt. Also, the direction and cinematography is effin' beautiful.

Others I Enjoyed:

Pina: Trailer
Project Nim: Trailer
Beats Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest: Trailer | Discussion with Matt
Bill Cunningham New York: Trailer
Shame: Thoughts by Marko
Melancholia: Trailer
Martha Marcy May Marlene: Trailer
The Artist: Trailer
A Separation: Trailer
Margin Call: Trailer
Drive: Trailer
Meek's Cutoff: Trailer (Sorry Matt!)
Bridesmaids: Thoughts by K. Sung

Bring on 2012!


Richard Tre Mane said...

Where is Rango, Boothe???????????

Boothe said...

Haven't seen it yet.

If it makes you feel better, I did pick it to win the best Animated Feature on my ballot.

Laura Mendes said...


Boothe said...


Oh wait, you were talking about Woody.


*still smiling*

Mr Bozack said...


We Need To Talk About Kevin
Once Upon A Time In Anatolia

Boothe said...

We Need to Talk About Kevin...something about that one scares me. I get the impression that it's an exercise in misery.

I mean, Meek's Cutoff was just that, but I think I was ok with it because the setting was a little more unrelatable.

"Kevin" just seems a little too real world miserable for me.

At least it does right now.

Mr Bozack said...

Ha it is what it is - it certainly ain't a barrel of laughs.


Cave of forgotten dreams
Kill list
Enter the void (actually, that might b 2010)

Boothe said...

I wish I enjoyed "Cave..." as much as Grizzly Man, and his doc on Antarctica.

The caves were really amazing, but it kinda felt like he was stretching to meet some sort of time duration goal. Also felt it lacked the interesting characters that I've seen in previous Herzog docs.