Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Wish De La Soul Still (Didn't) Made Tracks Like This

Pardon the language butchering in the title, but I wish to keep the "I Wish..." thing going.

Taking it back to 96/97, our favorite Plugs have revisited the art form off displaying distaste using parody.

Now I could go back to 91 with Kicked Out The House, but I was less bothered by that particular track, partly because I did not hear it until years later (I owned a cassette copy of De La Soul is Dead); but also because it did not seem -- at least to me -- to be fueled by an us against them mentality, which I feel lead to the creation of...

De La Soul - Baby Baby Baby Baby Ooh Baby

During this period of their career they may have been so focused on championing better morals in Hip Hop, that they didn't realize that this could have been a fun (if not spectacular) track, even without the it's really this simple eye winking. You know, kinda like the track with the telephone sounds that appears a little later in the album.

While I'll always love the Strong Islanders (be easy, Matt), and the first song released from this project was a little better than this one, I still worry that this won't amount to much more than "ha ha...look at us!"

That sort of humor just isn't fresh to me.

Bonus track:

The Beatnuts - Give Me Tha Ass


done said...

I'm with you 100%. Them and Jeru were such a bad influence with all that stuff too, from what I can tell looking back

Boothe said...

To be honest, I was behind De La back then, and cheered as they vocalized their feelings on Hip Hop. It was pretty ballsy of them, and I believe they might have been one of the firsts to do so.

I appreciated it because it was earnest, and (most of) the music was good, but the downside is that I think it might have lead to the Rawkus era of bitching about commercial rap.

As a subject matter, I just got tired of hearing it.

done said...

Yeah I only got the after effects so it never had a chance to be new to me, maybe I'd have thought different at the time.

It made me appreciate Kick In The Door, All The Critics In New York etc more when I finally heard them though.

fish said...

why y'all dissin' it? i kinda like it.