Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Jungle Brothers - Crazy Wisdom Masters

Afrika, Mike G, Torch, Sammy B

Quick Recap: The JBs were to follow their second album with a collaboration between themselves and Bill Laswell (with David Williams) titled Crazy Wisdom Masters. Long story short, the label thought it was too out there (early 90s? hell yeah...), and it was toned down (a bit) and released as J. Beez Wit The Remedy, which Hip Hop (myself included) deemed...still too much out there.

Happy to finally be able to hear this at a time when I'm able to accept something that's a little to the left of center.

Jungle Brothers - Mysterious Monkey

Jungle Brothers - Good Ole Hype Shit

Unearthed here: Much appreciation to The Unheard Music


Mr Bozack said...

ha yeh bit of a departure from Jimbrowski (actually, maybe only sonically...) innit..

Boothe said...

I remember when I bought J.Beez With The Remedy back in the day.

I was one of those proud owner kids, who would brag about my latest purchase. After one listen, I put the cassette back in it's case, and hid it under my bed. I denied having it.

It mostly befuddled me, and the last four tracks kinda freaked me out.