Thursday, August 25, 2011

David Williams (Jungle Brothers Producer)

The Unheard Music talks to Mr. Williams about his introduction to the Jungle Brothers, and his contributions to the Crazy Wisdom Masters/J. Beez Wit The Remedy project. It's a little dense, but you may find something of interest in there.

Interview: Link

It appears David Williams and the Jungle Brothers are in the early stages of a new recording projects. He's posted some early tracks on his soundcloud page, and...I'm kinda liking what I hear so far.

A Kickstarter page has been set up, with the hopes of raising money to cover some of his costs. If you're inclined to help out, you can find information here:

David Williams Kickstarter: Link

I do hope they're able to complete the project. Their collaboration (with Bill Laswell) brought forth some interesting product, though it might have been a little ahead of its time.

Jungle Brothers - Troopin' On The Down Lo

Jungle Brothers - Ra Ra Kid

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