Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Year In Review: Iz-Real

In 2011, I discovered that it is still possible for me to find new artists -- new being relative in this case -- whose music I enjoy. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, and affiliated with friend of the blog Omega Jackson, Iz-Real's rhymes intersect somewhere between the comic shop and the x-rated section of your neighborhood video store.

An obvious expert on the subject, Iz aka Lukey Cage has provided a list of his Top 5 Hottest Cartoon B*****s.


Mature Content Warning 

SHE HULK: she tall and fine like a MODEL CHICK. i don't really like them type of bitties but thats a whole lot of woman right there. i wonder if the pussy is pink or green. the world may never know like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a toostie roll pop. boom.... i think it's pink tho my dude.

Kagome Higurashi: ayo,....... she was only like 15 when the show started man,... i bet she didn't make 18 yo but bo bo is bad tho. she has big BOOBS yo but the ass is lacking yo. but i guess thats what you get when you messing with a chick from Japan. there very few Hitomi Tanaka's over there. some slim doo doo makers but no DONKEYS. (i think she has a flat on too tho. o well)

Jessica Rabbit: you know te girl off RODGER RABBIT, she's had to be a porn star yo. come.. she's bad yo. I would wife her tho man, her whole steez says WHORE yo.

Shana Elmsford: she was on JEM and the Holograms,.. she was a Hologram. She had PURPLE hair and shit.. played the drums and guitar yo. When i was mad young i remember she was singing and i took my dick out and humped the T.V. My grand-ma caught me and was laughing yo. Rest and Peace grand-ma. i was like 5 but i was mad embarrassed to i got caught with my pants down tho. shit. SMH.

STORM: she gots the ultimate lube control by having the power to fuck with water yo. lol, joke. But i love DARK SKINNEDEDEDED chicks yo. And she is. Them long legs and b cups, and slim doo doo maker yo. long ass hair looking like a fine ass black Australian aborigine son son. I WANT THAT BLACK SKIN YO.


I'm more of an Aja type of guy.

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Richard Tre Mane said...

No Evil Lyn? I dunno if I can trust this guy.

Boothe said...

I couldn't get with Evil Lyn's head gear. I wanted to see that long flowy hair.

If I gotta pick an villainess, I'm definitely rolling with The Baroness.

Richard Tre Mane said...

Oh hell yeah, and it's all about the villainesses.

Honestly, I became hypnotised by the ass on the Evil Lyn doll before I even realised what girls were for.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Rabbit could get it hahah!

Mr Bozack said...

Wilma Flintstone?

Boothe said...

I'm more of a Betty type of guy.

It's that dark hair, yo.