Thursday, January 26, 2012

CASSETTE: A Documentary Film about the Cassette Tape

Project information:
A few months ago, the term cassette tape was taken out of the Oxford English Dictionary.

It may seem ironic, then, that the cassette has experienced a quiet comeback over the last few years, as independent labels issuing tape-only releases have begun popping up around the world.

What better excuse to take a look back at this beloved musical format?

As recorded sound continues its love affair with the downloadable, ethereal digital file, the tangible artefact is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Help us celebrate the A Side, the B Side, the mixtape, and the whole of cassette culture by supporting Cassette: A Documentary. We'll look at all parts of popular culture influenced by the cassette, including hip-hop and B-Boy culture, indie rock, home recording, and beyond.

We've already conducted a number of interviews in the UK, and with your support we'll be able to speak to manufacturers, musicians, and historians around the world. Along the way, we'll stop in Zimbabwe to cover the recent boom in cassette culture there.

Please support if you can, and visit for updates! Thanks!

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