Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A (Very) Brief Conversation: H2O

Van Full of Pakistans from ATL based group Y'all So Stupid always ranked high on my list of One and Done albums released in the 90s.

The album title always seemed strange to me. Even stranger, the title track was released as a second single. I never heard it announced on the radio, but I'm sure DJs had fun reading the title "Van Full of Pakistans by Y'all So Stupid".

The chorus and lyrics speak to various problems the emcees may have been going through, so I sort of figured the title was a metaphor of sorts. Today (through the magic of Twitter), I got an answer from group member, H2O:

"yes, a complete metaphor. A Van Full Of Pakistans = A Song Full Of Problems: the van = the song & the Pakistans = the problems."

There you have it. I would have asked him to expound, but then it wouldn't be a (very) brief conversation.

Y'all So Stupid - Van Full of Pakistans

Y'all So Stupid - Van Full of Pakistans (Spearhead X Remix)

Album version is a nice little track, but the remix wins for me.

Get at H2O on Twitter: Link


M A R T A said...

forever one of my fave "golden era" groups, strictly on their usage of MARTA in various tracks. ;)

Mr Bozack said...

Maybe ask him wtf they've been doing for the past 20 odd years....

Anonymous said...

Yep, I think Mr Bozack's pretty much nailed it there - get H20 back on the phone, where's that 2nd album?

The Great Gats, B said...

Ask them how come they were wearing Vans back then because the only other rappers I saw wearing them back then was one of The Pharcyde.

Boothe said...

When I reach out to these dudes on Twitter, I try to keep it from becoming an interview. I'll just limit it to an appreciative shout out, and one or two questions (usually some unsolved mysteries shit).

I could have asked him about what they (YSS) have been doing, but there probably isn't much mystery there. They got dropped, and broke up shortly after.

H20 and Spearhead did form a new group Mass Influence, so if you want to hear a bit more music from them, you've got them.

Give him a shout on Twitter. He's a real humble dude.

Thinking about experimenting with something that may allow me (among other things) to get more answers/trivia from some of my favorite forgotten rappers.