Friday, January 21, 2011

Bernard Wright - Who Do You Love

Hard rocks, fall back for a minute.

This is like the sweetest video ever.

More to love:

- The color red.
- Old school kung fu look.
- Gettin' busy on the upright bass.
- Coltrane on the wall.
- Girl is cute (and is wearing chuck taylors)
- Mustard shirt, black jacket and tie, white pants.
- The "behind every great man" shot, right before the bridge.
- The bridge, which is a little "Once" hokey, but it's alright...he's in love.
- The head over heels, rolling around motif. Look at Bernard's face. Dude is all smiling and shit. Even though homegirl looks terrified, he's fully committed. This sort of sincerity is missing
from these thug muffins singing R&B today.

1 comment:

The Great Gats, B said...

That's a most vivid red.

Gettin' busy on the upright bass ftw. Shout outs to Fat Joe in the Actual Facts video too.